Animals Asia has A History of Compassion and Rescue

Animals Asia is an organization dedicated to ending cruelty to animals in Asia, particularly focusing on rescuing and rehabilitating bears from the bile farming industry. Founded in 1998 by Jill Robinson, MBE, the organization has grown to become a leading voice for animal welfare in the region. Its mission encompasses various programs aimed at ending bear bile farming, promoting animal welfare, and fostering compassionate attitudes towards all animals.

The Origins and Mission

Jill Robinson, a British animal welfare advocate, founded Animals Asia after witnessing the horrific conditions of bear bile farms in China. Bear bile farming involves the extraction of bile from living bears’ gallbladders, a practice used in traditional medicine. The bears, mostly Asiatic black bears (also known as moon bears), endure immense suffering, confined in tiny cages and subjected to painful procedures.

Animals Asia’s mission is threefold:

  1. End Bear Bile Farming: Through rescue operations, advocacy, and promoting herbal alternatives to bear bile.
  2. Improve Animal Welfare: Working to improve the treatment of cats and dogs, as well as other animals, through education and outreach.
  3. Change Attitudes: Cultivating respect and empathy for animals among communities in Asia.

Milestones and Achievements

  1. Bear Rescue and Sanctuaries: Animals Asia operates two bear sanctuaries, one in Chengdu, China, and another in Tam Dao, Vietnam. These sanctuaries provide rescued bears with a safe and natural environment, where they can recover and live out their lives free from suffering. To date, Animals Asia has rescued over 600 bears.
  2. Public Awareness and Advocacy: The organization has been instrumental in raising awareness about the cruelty of bear bile farming and advocating for legal reforms. Their efforts have led to significant changes, including the closure of bile farms and commitments from various governments to phase out the practice.
  3. Humane Education and Veterinary Training: Animals Asia runs programs to educate the public and train veterinarians in animal welfare. These initiatives aim to foster a culture of compassion and better treatment for all animals.

Current Rescues and Initiatives

Animals Asia continues its mission with several ongoing and recent rescues and initiatives:

  1. Bear Rescues: The organization remains actively involved in rescuing bears from bile farms. Recent rescues include several bears in Vietnam and China, who have been brought to the sanctuaries for rehabilitation. These rescues often involve complex logistics and negotiations with farm owners.
  2. Ending Bear Bile Farming by 2022 in Vietnam: Animals Asia has been working towards a historic agreement with the Vietnamese government to end bear bile farming in the country by 2022. This involves rescuing the remaining bears and ensuring they are relocated to sanctuaries.
  3. China’s First Government-Approved Sanctuary: In 2020, Animals Asia was granted approval to build a new sanctuary in China, designed to house more bears as the government phases out bear bile farming. This marks a significant milestone in their efforts to end this cruel industry.
  4. Cat and Dog Welfare Programs: Beyond bear rescues, Animals Asia is also deeply involved in improving the welfare of cats and dogs. They run campaigns to end the cat and dog meat trade and promote responsible pet ownership through spaying, neutering, and vaccination programs.
  5. Wildlife Protection: Animals Asia is expanding its focus to other wildlife protection issues, addressing illegal wildlife trade and habitat destruction. Their advocacy and education programs aim to protect various species and promote biodiversity.

Animals Asia continues to inspire hope and change through its relentless dedication to animal welfare. The organization’s holistic approach, combining rescue, rehabilitation, advocacy, and education, ensures that their efforts have a lasting impact.

With ongoing rescues, new sanctuaries, and increasing public support, Animals Asia is making significant strides towards a future where animals are treated with the respect and compassion they deserve.