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United Nations Must Ban Trophy Hunting and End Wildlife Exploitation & Circuses Exploiting Animals for Profit, Ranking the Most Inhumane Shows

With over 7.9 billion humans on our planet, we are witnessing a devastating reality: two-thirds of all animal species are being wiped out at an alarming rate. The culprits? Greed, ego, ignorance, and a blatant disregard for the sanctity of life. From majestic elephants slaughtered for their tusks to once-thriving species reduced to mere remnants, humanity’s destructive actions have precipitated what can only be described as The Great Animal Extinction—an unfathomable tragedy caused entirely by human hands.

Tigers, bears, rhinoceroses, wolves, leopards, jaguars, gorillas, orangutans, and countless others—all teetering on the brink of oblivion. The list of casualties grows longer by the day as habitat destruction, climate change, and unbridled greed continue to ravage our natural world. Yet, perhaps most grotesque of all are the vile poachers and disgusting trophy hunters who perpetrate unspeakable acts of cruelty in pursuit of profit and glory.

It is time to hold these perpetrators accountable and put an end to their reign of terror. The United Nations must take decisive action to ban trophy hunting, end the export and import of exotic animal parts and trophies, and impose harsh penalties—including prison sentences—for poachers.

Companies that profit from the slaughter of these beautiful creatures, along with hunting businesses and clubs, must be held accountable for their complicity in promoting death and destruction for blood money. The lobbying of governments to circumvent laws protecting wildlife must be stopped, and those responsible must face the consequences of their actions.

The clock is ticking, and we are running out of time. If we do not act now, we risk condemning our planet to a future devoid of wildlife—a nearly dead planet where our great land, air, and sea creatures exist only in zoos until they fade into oblivion.

To the Secretary-General of the United Nations, we implore you to act swiftly and decisively. We must tip the balance in favor of the animals, for their sake and for the sake of all of us. We must be their protectors, their advocates, their voice in a world that too often turns a blind eye to their suffering.

The consequences of inaction are too dire to contemplate. The time for action is now. We believe in your heart and courage to effect meaningful change in the world.

Together, let us envision a world where wildlife thrives, where every species has a place in the tapestry of life. Let us act with urgency, determination, and compassion—for the animals, for Mother Earth, and for all of humanity.

Click here to stop trophy HuntingRead More about trophy Hunting

It may be over for Ringling Bros. Circus, but animals are still being used in circuses around the country—and they need your help.

Shrine Circuses

Shrine circuses don’t have their own animals. Local chapters could easily put on a circus by using all willing human performers or choose from the multitude of other types of fundraisers. Instead, they continue to hire abusive animal exhibitors. For instance, a big-cat exhibitor with a Shrine circus in Springfield, Missouri, was cited for five animal-welfare violations, including endangering the public, denying tigers adequate space and exercise, and transporting animals in a filthy vehicle with a “foul odor,” flies and maggots, and a build-up of what appeared to be hair, food waste, and excreta. TELL SHRINERS INTERNATIONAL TO OPPOSE CRUEL ANIMAL CIRCUSES!

Loomis Bros. Circus

An elephant at Loomis Bros. Circus struggled to stand after she was forced to perform in deep, slippery mud. One of the circus’s animal exhibitors, Brian Franzen, has been caught striking elephants in the face with a bullhook and repeatedly whipping and jabbing a tiger. TELL LOOMIS BROS. CIRCUS TO DITCH ITS CRUEL ANIMAL ACTS

Carson & Barnes Circus

The Carson & Barnes Circus animal care director was videotaped viciously attacking elephants with a bullhook, shocking them with an electric prod, and instructing trainers to embed sharp metal hooks into the animals’ flesh until the elephants screamed in pain. URGE CARSON & BARNES CIRCUS TO END ALL CRUEL ANIMAL ACTS!

Carden International Circus, Inc.

Carden International Circus, Inc. has been cited numerous times for failure to provide animals with shelter from the elements, inadequate and unsafe enclosures, failure to provide proper veterinary care, and failure to handle animals properly. URGE CARDEN CIRCUS TO NIX ITS CRUEL ANIMAL ACTS

Jordan World Circus

Jordan World Circus waited a month to seek treatment for a malnourished tiger with a fractured leg and left tigers and lions in small travel cages for up to 11 days without any exercise. URGE JORDAN WORLD CIRCUS TO END ALL ANIMAL ACTS!

Garden Bros. Circus

Garden Bros. Circus is still working with disreputable exhibitors that force animals to perform confusing and often painful tricks. A former Garden Bros. employee described frequently seeing elephants with blood dripping from behind their ear. The whistleblower also reported that a camel used by Garden Bros. was kicked and punched and that other camels were whipped. Another whistleblower reported that Zachary Garden, the manager of Garden Bros., habitually beat animals, withheld food from them, and refused to provide injured and dying ones with adequate veterinary care. URGE GARDEN BROS. TO GO ANIMAL-FREE!

The saddest show on earth for animals—Ringling Bros.—has ended. Thirty-six years of PETA protests, of documenting animals left to die, beaten animals, and much more, has reduced attendance to the point of no return. Thank you to everyone who picked up a protest sign, passed out leaflets, wrote letters, shared videos, called legislators, spoke to family members, and been part of an unwavering pursuit of freedom for animals. Ringling’s demise wouldn’t have happened without you.

But there’s still work to be done. Animals continue to be used in circuses around the country, and they need your help. Tell the ShrineCarson & Barnes, and Garden Bros. circuses to end all cruel animal acts, and click the button below to pledge never to go to a circus that uses animals. Please, speak up now for all animals being abused in the entertainment industry.


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