Providing Sanctuary and Advocacy: Rescuing Bears from the Bile Farming Industry

In the shadowy world of bear bile farming, where these majestic creatures are exploited for profit, there shines a beacon of hope – our bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. Here, bears find refuge from the horrors of bile extraction, undergoing rehabilitation and receiving compassionate care.

Situated in Chengdu, China, and Tam Dao, Vietnam, our world-class bear rescue centers offer a haven for nearly 700 bears, providing them with comfortable dens and semi-natural enclosures where they can recover and thrive in the company of their own kind. These sanctuaries represent not only a sanctuary for the bears but also a bastion of hope for a brighter future.

At our sanctuaries, dedicated bear teams meticulously monitor the behavior and well-being of each bear through regular health checks and daily observations. This diligent care not only ensures the bears’ physical and psychological well-being but also yields invaluable scientific evidence on the effects of bile extraction. Through reports and papers published by our teams, we have elevated the profile of moon bears within the scientific community and shed light on the abhorrent cruelty of the bear bile farming industry.

Moreover, our sanctuaries serve as pillars of local employment, directly employing over 250 Chinese and Vietnamese individuals in various roles such as bear care, horticulture, food preparation, and security. Additionally, hundreds of local residents benefit indirectly through employment opportunities in services and construction.

By providing sanctuary and advocacy, we not only rescue individual bears but also strive to dismantle the infrastructure of cruelty that sustains the bear bile farming industry. Through our collective efforts, we aim to create a world where bears are revered for their inherent worth and dignity, rather than exploited for profit. Join us in our mission to protect and preserve these remarkable creatures for generations to come.

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